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Build it and they will come, they said.  You've built a beautiful website, with a professional logo and its branded perfectly.  The website conveys exactly who you are, and what you do, and what you have to offer. Yet, despite your hard work, you're not just getting the traffic you would like.  Umph!

What if there was another way to reach your target audience?  A method which would increase your organic reach whilst also inviting your existing fans to return to your website again and again?

Blogging.  Could it be that simple?

You've probably heard that blogging is good for SEO and know there's other reasons why you should have a blog but you may not blog, or have a blog, because:-

I feel I don't have anything interesting or useful to say (you do!).

I don't see how it will help my business (read here).

My website doesn't have a blog section.

I don't know what to write about or how to start.

I simply don't have enough time.

Perhaps you understand how blogging can benefit your business but you don't have the knowledge, desire or time to maintain a blog?

Outsource your content marketing to us and we will help you with your blogging needs.


Choose Your Package

Review our packages and select a package which suits your business needs and budget.

Strategy and Consultation

Book in a Consultation Session for content strategy and get started.

We Create Your Posts

We create blog posts which are synchronous with your voice, and your brand.

We Publish Your Posts

We deliver your blog posts for you to publish, or we can publish the blog posts on your website for you.


Each Blog Writing Package (1-2 posts per month) includes:-

  • Blog article up to 500 words
  • Keyword and topic research
  • Natural keyword placement
  • Image sourcing (1-2 free stock images)
  • Basic SEO (title, metadescription and suggested keyword)
  • Inclusion of CTA (call to action) and internal links, where appropriate
  • Up to two rounds of revisions, if appropriate

Each Blog Maintenance Package (3-4 posts per month) also includes:-

  • A Content Calendar


Ideal for new clients who would like to trial outsourcing blog writing.


1 Post Per Month

Ideal for business owners who would like to establish a blog presence


2 Posts Per Month

Ideal for business owners who would like to build their presence.


3 Posts Per Month

Ideal for business owners who are looking to scale their business.


4 Posts Per Month


What Is Ghost Blogging?

Ghost blogging is where a content writer writes a blog article for you which is published under your name, with no credit to the content writer. You are not required to disclose that the content was not written by you as you own the content, and the copyright. The benefit of ghost blogging is that you can outsource blogging and at the same time continue to build trust and authority with your audience.

How Often Should I Blog?

There is no definitive rule about how often you should blog. You need to assess your reasons for blogging, your content marketing strategy, and devise a blogging plan that will help you achieve your goals. This may be posting once a week, or once a month. Establish a routine that suits you. Ultimately, frequency is less important than consistency and producing high quality, helpful blogs for your audience. What do we recommend? Blog at least once per week.

Who Owns The Copyright?

Once the article is paid for, the copyright for the blog article transfers to you and you are free to publish the content.

Do I Get Images With My Blog Article?

We provide you with at least one feature image for publication with your blog article.  Any images we provide are:-

  • Free
  • Licensed for personal and commercial use
  • May be modified, copied or distributed
  • May be used without permission, and without attribution.
I Want A Longer Article. What Should I Do?

Our blog packages are based upon articles up to a 500 word count. If you require a longer article we are happy to hep. Just click on the contact tab, and select “Blogging” for the subject and request a quote. We shall endeavour to provide you with a quote at the earliest opportunity.

How Long Until I Receive My Blog Article?

Generally, we aim to have the first draft to you within a week from engagement.


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