Why You Should Invest Time (and Energy) Into a Blog

The other day I read a blog that was about the one thing you can do as a parent that would change your child’s life.  That may or may not interest you but the headline piqued my curiousity because I was being presented with a way that i could change my children’s lives, and it was only one thing.  Sounded simple.  It was simple.  The blog went on to say that you should take a moment to delight in your kids each day, and that simple message resonated with me.   I took immediate steps to take some time out each day to stop, and enjoy my kids. I turned off my phone.  I took them to their favourite place, and we had the best time that have had in a long time.  The blog was not only thought provoking but it also invoked a change in me that my family has already benefited from.

That is the power of a blog when its done right.  It has the power to resonate with your target audience.  It will share an idea, an experience or information with them.   If your target audience finds value in your blog, they will establish a connection with you and they will begin to know, like and trust you – and people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.  That’s what blogging is, its an opportunity to create a connection and relationship with your target audience.

Have we convinced you to start writing a blog for your business?  Let’s look at our top 5 reasons why you should invest your time (and energy) into business blogging.

1. Attract an Audience

No-one likes a sales pitch but everyone loves great content – content that makes them feel, helps them to learn or solves a problem.  It is important to have an understanding of your target audience and what interests, motivates and pains them.  Once you understand your target audience it is easier to write engaging content that offers them what they like, or need.

With consistent blogging you will attract readers to your blog and start to create relationships with your audience making it easier to convert your readers into customers.

2. Establish a Traffic Source

If you had more visitors to your website, do you think this could potentially lead to more sales?  Yes, of course.  The trick is getting more visitors to your website.  Think about the ways that your leads visit your website. They can enter the website URL in the search bar (if they already know you), they can click through via social media or another promotion or advertising, or they may find you through Google.

Each blog you create becomes an indexed page on your website and is an additional opportunity for you to show up in search engine results. Furthermore, if you enable “social sharing”, each blog post can be shared via social media giving you additional opportunities to reach new audiences. Your blogs can be the foundation for your social media activity.

Each and every blog you create is an opportunity for you to expose your business to new leads, whilst reaching your existing following.

3. Promotion

As businesses we put a lot of time and effort into advertising and one of the primary methods of advertising is social media marketing.  Ask yourself how much you can actually share with your audience in a tweet, or a Facebook or Instagram post. Each of the social marketing platforms have some sort of restriction, eg Twitter has a character count.  Blogs are a great method of sharing details of your product or service in greater detail, and at the same time building your brand.

4. Establish Yourself as an Authority

Blog honestly and confidently.  If you are consistently providing engaging content and helping solve your audience’s problems, your audience will view you as an authority in your given field.  When your audience has a problem they will feel they can come to you because you have proven yourself time and again, and have earned their trust.   If you are perceived as a reliable authority, you are likely to receive more traffic, more sales and a larger following.

5. Create an Income Source

Not only will you gain income by converting your leaders into customers, you can also include affiliate links in your blogs.  When a lead clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will receive some kind of reward or compensation.  Whilst it isn’t mandatory in Australia to disclose affiliate links. we recommend that you advise your audience of your affiliate connection so your audience is aware and this will add additional trust in you and your content.  By disclosing the fact that your business receives a financial gain, your audience make even want to make purchases in order to support you.

If blogging frightens you, ask yourself these things:-

  • Do you see the value a blog could add to your business?
  • Is blogging something you can do yourself consistently?
  • Will you love blogging, or would you rather outsource blogging so you can focus on the income-earning activities?

Once you recognise the value of a blog and want to include a blog on your website, the next step is to work out how you will blog.  If you decide to blog yourself then start small.  The hardest part is to begin.  Once you begin, keep blogging and blog consistently, whether that be once a week, or once a month, so that you can gain traction with your audience and start a following.

Take a moment to conduct an audit of your blog:-

  1. Do you have a blog? Is it easy to add a blog to your existing website?
  2. Who is your blog aimed at?
  3. Do you have articles in a number of categories?
  4. When was the last time you blogged?
  5. When was the last time you promoted a blog?
  6. Do you have social media sharing settings enabled?
  7. Do you have comments and a spam filter enabled?
  8. Do your blog articles have at least 300 words to assist with search engine optimisation?
  9. Do your blogs contain appropriate links and calls to action?
  10. Have you reviewed your analytics recently to gain an insight into your blog?

Review your blog and look for the areas where your blog requires improvement.

If blogging isn’t your bag, consider outsourcing this activity to a copywriter or virtual assistant.  Click here to view our packages for blog maintenance.

Set yourself a goal to get started on blogging today and add it to your business planning and strategy.

Just keep blogging!

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