How to Conduct A Maintenance Audit of Your Website

Intro on Maintenance Audit


  1. When was your last theme updated?
  2. Do you have a system in place to check whether your theme requires an update?
  3. Do you have a child them activated for your website customisations?
  4. Have you deleted all unwanted themes?

Back – Up

  1. When was a back-up of your website last performed?
  2. How often do you conduct a back-up of your website?
  3. Was the back-up saved in an external location?
  4. Did your back-up include a complete copy of your website including the theme files, database, plugins and uploads?
  5. Is your back-up automatic?
  6. Do you have a back-up of your back-up?


  1. Are your plugins up to date?
  2. Have you deactivated and deleted unnecessary plugins?
  3. Do you have any inactive plugins?


  1. Do you have an anti-spam filter installed on your site?
  2. Do you have a system in place to review, approve or delete comments on your website?


  1. Have you run a speed test on your site to determine how fast it loads for desktop and mobile users?
  2. Have you compressed images on your website and deleted unused images from your media gallery to assist with speed issues?

WordPress Core Files

  1. Are you on the current version of WordPress?


  1. Do you have a security plugin installed?
  2. Do you or any of your users use “admin” as a username?
  3. Do you have a secure password?
  4. Do you have “Anyone Can Subscribe” disabled?
  5. How often do you scan your website for security issues?

Crawl errors

  1. Do you have a system to check for crawl errors?
  2. Do you have a custom 404 page for redirects?

Maintenance System

  1. Do you have a system in place for regular maintenance of your website?

This is by no means an exhaustive audit however it may indicate areas where you can improve your website maintenance strategy.

Take steps to create your own website maintenance strategy by creating a plan of the maintenance tasks you will complete and how regularly you will perform them.

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